Les nouvelles – 11-15 avril

He's part of question 1 this week. credit: flickr user bcndp via cc

He’s part of question 1 this week. credit: flickr user bcndp via cc

I can always be reached at lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. I’m @nobleknits2 on Twitter, and our class hashtag is #laclasseaqm. We post what we’re learning on Edsby.
I’m Madame Noble, and I teach Core French to students in Grade 5/6-8. I also teach music (vocal and instrumental) to those classes. 
On this blog, you’ll find what we’re doing in class, important dates, permission forms/letters to download and print at home (in case they didn’t make it home in the backpack), the trivia questions the class has been challenged with each week, and some links to websites, music and books you might find interesting.
I’ve chosen to use a blog in the hopes that it will start a conversation – so please feel free to leave a comment or a questions. Let’s keep the lines of communication open.
The big goal in my classroom is being able to communicate in our second language. We do our best to speak only in French, as much as we can, and to use the vocabulary we’re learning (using the AIM approach, where there is a sign-language type action for every word we learn – I sign, and the students speak) to convey our ideas. There’s a list here of the words we start with, and a look over it, to review, or remind your children of how much they know, would be a great idea.
gesture vocab with English
This week in French: 
Grade 5/6: This class continues to enjoy deepening their understanding of our main story. We’re going to work on unscrambling sentences this week, as well as creating our groups for working on the play.
Grade 6: This group is getting a huge kick out of our story of a lonely frog looking for a friend – hoping this will lead us into some thinking about what makes a good friend.
Grade 7:  Lush: We’re doing some review of time, as we begin to work on a unit around organizing an evening at the movies.
Najarro: We looked at some Scratch instructions this week – there’s been some strong work done here. All students should make sure their coding is posted in Edsby.
Grade 8:  We’ve started, at the class’ request, to work on a main text – a play about someone looking for the “ideal boyfriend” – should be interesting.
Music: Grade 8’s wrapped up their playing test; Mr Lush’s 7’s started theirs(#13 – duet). Ms Najarro’s 7’s are working hard on reading simple music – taking an instrument home to practice is a big help! YouTube is a great resource for tips on care of instruments, as well as things like hand position and how to make a good first sound. 
Instrument loan permission form is below for intermediates.
All signouts are now open – come up and sign our your instrument. Weekends included.
Band:  There is a band practice this week. we’re back to Tuesday morning. Only 3 weeks to 2 performances!
Documents for download: 
Reminder to return your e-mail address, so I can send you the link to the blog. Thanks so much to those of you who have already done that.
intro letter 2015
instrument permission 2016
band letter 2016
Coming events:
April 13: day of pink
April 19: Shaw to Warsaw outdoor ed.
April 21: gymnastics tournament. 
April 26-28:Trent enrichment (grade 7/8 and some 5/6 students)
April 29: school spelling bee.
May 2: Music Monday
May 5: Spring Fling celebration of the arts

Trivia Questions:

  1. Quel pourcentage des votes est-ce que Tom Mulcair a gagné au conférence national du PND(NDP)?
  2. Qu’est-ce que Josh Donaldson a fait dans le “home opener” des Blue Jays vendredi?


This was an amazing link. I could dive into this writing for days, and I very much appreciated that way the compiler chose one piece from each year to create a chronology of women’s journalism: queens of nonfiction

And for those of you who can`t get enough:


Books: Finally took up the suggestion of a number of friends, and read an Ava Lee mystery this weekend. And I am totally hooked! Forensic accountant and martial arts specialist woman lead character – what else do you really need? Thanks to OverDrive for feeding my habit!

Music: This was so overwhelmingly beautiful when I heard it on Saturday morning that I actually had to sit in the car and listen to it finish, even though I’d arrived at my destination. 19 year old Icelandic sensation Aurora covers Bowie’s Life on Mars. How do you find new music?

What are you clicking on, reading and listening to? Let’s build a sharing space here.






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