Les nouvelles – le 23-27 novembre, 2015

The answer to question 2. photo credit: flickr user megan cole via cc

The answer to question 2. photo credit: flickr user megan cole via cc

I can always be reached at lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. I’m @nobleknits2 on Twitter, and our class hashtag is #laclasseaqm. We post what we’re learning on Edsby.
I’m Madame Noble, and I teach Core French to students in Grade 5/6-8. I also teach music (vocal and instrumental) to those classes. 
On this blog, you’ll find what we’re doing in class, important dates, permission forms/letters to download and print at home (in case they didn’t make it home in the backpack), the trivia questions the class has been challenged with each week, and some links to websites, music and books you might find interesting.
I’ve chosen to use a blog in the hopes that it will start a conversation – so please feel free to leave a comment or a questions. Let’s keep the lines of communication open.
The big goal in my classroom is being able to communicate in our second language. We do our best to speak only in French, as much as we can, and to use the vocabulary we’re learning (using the AIM approach, where there is a sign-language type action for every word we learn – I sign, and the students speak) to convey our ideas. There’s a list here of the words we start with, and a look over it, to review, or remind your children of how much they know, would be a great idea.
gesture vocab with English
This week in French:
Grade 5/6 and 6: working on question structures, cube stories, and starting to share the amazing vehicles students have created. What can their cars do? (using verb: pouvoir – to be able to)
Grade 7: Mr Lush’s class: Working on cube stories – taking up question structures, and moving into reading strategies with current events stories.
Ms Najarro’s class:  moving into question structures.
Grade 8: have finished question assessments; moving into some reading of current events material, and cube stories.
Music: 7’s and 8’s  will be looking at how different instruments work to help students make a good choice for them. 5/6 and 6 will be doing some singing over the next few weeks (in French and English). Ask the 5/6’s about singing La Marseillaise last week.
Documents for download: 
Reminder to return your e-mail address, so I can send you the link to the blog. Thanks so much to those of you who have already done that.
intro letter 2015
Coming events:
Wed. Nov.25: Intermediates to Adam Scott for KYO concert – please return permission form and toonie!
Book Fair! Monday, Nov 23- Thursday, Nov 26
Friday, Nov. 27: PA Day
Trivia Questions:
1. Pourquoi est-ce que le “Vinyl Café” doit annuler (cancel) les concerts?
2. Quel chanteur de Newfoundland est mort jeudi? Quel est son chanson (song)  le plus populaire?

Website: This one made us grin this week: family builds death star


Book: I’m reading Black Feathers by Robert Wiersema (recommended by Shelagh Rogers). I keep having to put this one down, because it’s edgy and creepy, and I’m afraid of what’s going to happen next. For adults or strong YA readers who aren’t afraid of the dark. Street life in Victoria, a serial killer and a complex main character who’s having trouble drawing the line between dreams and reality.

Music: The Bare Naked Ladies brought Alan Doyle along with them for their show on Friday night, and this seemed a perfect link to the guy in Question 2:



Please share in the comments – what are you clicking on, reading and listening to? Let’s build a sharing space here.






5 thoughts on “Les nouvelles – le 23-27 novembre, 2015

  1. Pizza & Pages (Teen Book Club at Peterborough Public Library) just met to discuss “I Am Number Four” by Pittacus Lore – really great discussion – most everyone liked it (except for one hard-core Sci-Fi fan who found it not Sci-Fi enough), but for very different reasons. I’m listening to the next (“The Power of Six”) in the series, and really enjoying the fact that this one switches back and forth between the stories of two different Garde, and the audio book uses a male and female actor to narrate the chapters accordingly.

    I’m reading “Murder on the Orient Express” for our staff book club – my first Agatha Christie!

    And I’m re-reading the first Harry Potter to my youngest again – I’m no Jim Dale, but we are loving revisiting an old favourite. Oh, how I wish J.K. Rowling would write some more wizarding world stories! Apparently, she is writing the screen play for “Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them” (seeing as the book isn’t a narrative), and if it is successful, she’ll write more – woo hoo! And, I just read she’s written a play to take place right after the 7th book leaves off: http://www.jkrowling.com/en_US/#/news-events … as if ever I needed a reason to plan a trip to London … Yay!

    • Thanks so much, Karen. I always like hearing about what you’re reading. I bought the new picture book edition of the first Harry for the family as a Christmas gift (full text, gorgeously illustrated). Apparently, there will be one per year. Have you read her Cormorant Strike series (as Robert Galbraith)? I really enjoyed them, and am eagerly awaiting the 3rd (I’m on the holds list),

  2. Haven’t tried the Robert Galbraith series yet – just couldn’t get through A Casual Vacancy, so wasn’t sure I should bother … my father-in-law is liking them, though. Maybe I will give him/her a try …

  3. OK – sold, then – I’ll put it on my list as a definite, then!

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