Les nouvelles – 23-27 mars, 2015


went with my mood today. credit: flickr user Makou0629 via cc

went with my mood today. credit: flickr user Makou0629 via cc

I can be reached at lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. I’m @nobleknits2 on Twitter, and our class hashtag is #laclasseaqm.


I’m Madame Noble, and I teach Core French to students in Grade 5-8.

The big goal in my classroom is being able to communicate in our second language. We do our best to speak only in French, as much as we can, and to use the vocabulary we’re learning (using the AIM approach, where there is a sign-language type action for every word we learn – I sign, and the students speak) to convey our ideas. There’s a list here of the words we start with, and a look over it, to review, or remind your children of how much they know, would be a great idea.

Gesture vocab with english 

In all classes, 10 minutes or so each day of reviewing  vocabulary at home  is very helpful. Let your kids teach you what they’re learning!

Class Updates:

Grade 5: Continuing to work on our play, and reading comprehension activities to show our understanding of what happens in the story. Ask them about it.

Grade 5/6: Vocabulary building, small group play work, and comprehension activities.

Grade 6: Big focus on time this week in French – I’ve posted some links on Edsby. Also trying to work on some critical thinking about how we all learn in different ways.

Grade 7/8 and 8:Lots of interesting discussions around whether buying things makes us happy (links really well to geography studies on consumption for these two classes). Some of the students in these two classes are really doing a remarkable job at expressing big ideas in their second language.

Grade 6/7: We’ve started into the new unit on “fiscal responsibility” as one of the students put it this week. It looks at how advertising affects us, and how students at this age can start to make informed purchases. Just getting started with some listening activities.


Documents for download:

A1 wheel

A2 wheel

band letter 2014

Band news: Please keep encouraging your children to practice – particularly “We are One”. It’s a tough piece, and practice is necessary. Regularly listening to the tune is a great idea, too.

Band practices are Wednesday morning. We start playing at 8:10, doors open at 8, so we can actually be playing by 8:10.

We Are One

Important dates:

April 3: Good Friday

April 6: Easter Monday

May 5: music Monday

June 4: band to Wonderland

Trivia  Questions

1. Qui sont les 2 joueurs canadiens sur l’équipe Gonzaga?

2. Qui a gagné l’élection de premier ministre à Israël?

Website: We watched this video in Grade 8 French, as part of our discussion on whether or not buying things made us happy. The students agreed that they were the target audience on this one. Hunger Games meets Divergent meets the Ramones to take on Ronald McDonald.

breakfast dystopia

Books: I’m reading way too many different books right now, but one that’s standing out is Kevin Ashton’s “How to Fly a Horse”. It’s an amazing accessible read on creativity, and attempts to dispel the idea of the “a-ha” moment, or creativity as something only some people can do. I’m really enjoying it. He was on The Current on CBC last week (one of the joys of March break – getting to listen to great programming) Kevin Ashton interview

Anybody have thoughts on Canada Reads? I was really rooting for “Everything feels like the movies”, but wasn’t surprised when “Ru” won.

Music: New albums out by Hayden and Whitehorse. Yippee!





Please share in the comments – what are you clicking on, reading and listening to? Let’s build a sharing space here.


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