Les nouvelles – 17-20 février, 2015

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The answer to #2, and certainly not looking its age! credit: flickr user I am I.a.m.


I can be reached at lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. I’m @nobleknits2 on Twitter, and our class hashtag is #laclasseaqm.

 I’m Madame Noble, and I teach Core French to students in Grade 5-8.

The big goal in my classroom is being able to communicate in our second language. We do our best to speak only in French, as much as we can, and to use the vocabulary we’re learning (using the AIM approach, where there is a sign-language type action for every word we learn – I sign, and the students speak) to convey our ideas. There’s a list here of the words we start with, and a look over it, to review, or remind your children of how much they know, would be a great idea.

Gesture vocab with english 

In all classes, 10 minutes or so each day of reviewing  vocabulary at home  is very helpful. Let your kids teach you what they’re learning!

Class Updates:

Grade 5: Students did some “fill in the blanks” activities based on the story, and will be starting to work on the play in small groups this week. Ask them what it’s about, and see what they can tell you in French, and English.

Grade 5/6: Worked on a cube story this week, as well as working on “mets les mots en ordre” sentences, where students need to unscramble familiar vocabulary into a sentence, and then draw a picture to clearly show they understand the sentence.

Grade 6: We started some listening activities this week, and it was challenging. Students were listening to an airport announcement and having to choose (from 2 choices) which flight number, destination, time and gate number they heard. Lots of number work was going on.

Grade 6/7, 7/8,8 : 7/8 and 8 classes are presenting their menu ordering conversations – we’re discovering that we really need to understand question words to be successful – and 6/7’s are starting to generate their questions for these.

Documents for download:

A1 wheel

A2 wheel

band letter 2014

Band news: Yes, there’s band on Wednesday! And students have been told that I will be checking to be sure they can play the pieces we’ve been working on, and will be looking for some accountability in terms of practice logs and doing some work between our band practices.

Important dates:

February 11-March 5: Jimmy Chapman break dance instruction (in school 2 days/week)

February 17: ski trip/play day – rescheduled. Please remember that ski departure is 8:45 a.m.

February 23: Intermediate boys b-ball tournament, TASSS (practices Tues. and Thurs. after school, Wednesday at break)

February 26: Intermediate girls’ b-ball tournament, Adam Scott

February 26: intermediate year end trip meetings; 1:50-3:30 for students, 6 pm for parents.

Trivia  Questions

1. Quelle chose canadienne a 50 ans, le 15 février?

2. Qui a écrit le chanson populaire, “It’s My Party (and I’ll Cry if I want to?)


Website: Reminded Mr D’s class of this site this week, as a starting point for speech research. Can get you going on the graphic organizer, or some ideas on how to subdivide your thinking. Instagrok

Books: Was at my (no wi-fi) in-laws place this weekend, which meant much knitting and reading got done. Enjoyed Orphan Train by Christina Baker Kline, and would totally recommend it to YA readers. The teenage character will win them over, and draw them into the main character’s story. It’s based on the “orphan trains” (1875-1930) which took kids from poor immigrant families in urban centres to the MidWest, where farm families took them in. Some matches went well, and others not well at all, much like the stories of Barnardo children in Peterborough’s history.

Music: Heard Samantha Martin on CBC this afternoon – her “Addicted” is the song of the week on the drive-home show. I kept singing it in my head after it was done, which is always a good sign for me. Another big voice, doing some cool retro stuff.

Samantha Martin


Please share in the comments – what are you clicking on, reading and listening to? Let’s build a sharing space here.


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