Les nouvelles – le 29 septembre au 3 octobre

Lots of people I know had paddling on the agenda this gorgeous weekend. photo credit: Nick Kenrick via cc

Lots of people I know had paddling on the agenda this gorgeous weekend. photo credit: Nick Kenrick via cc

I can be reached at lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. I’m @nobleknits2 on Twitter, and our class hashtag is #laclasseaqm.

 Welcome to another year at QM! I’m Madame Noble, and I will be teaching Core French to students in Grade 5-8.

The big goal in my classroom is being able to communicate in our second language. We do our best to speak only in French, as much as we can, and to use the vocabulary we’re learning (using the AIM approach, where there is a sign-language type action for every word we learn – I sign, and the students speak) to convey our ideas. There’s a list here of the words we start with, and a look over it, to review, or remind your children of how much they know, would be a great idea.

Gesture vocab with english 

In all classes, 10 minutes or so each day of reviewing  vocabulary at home  is very helpful. Let your kids teach you what they’re learning!

Class Updates:

Grade 5  : This week, students will show their understanding of the alphabet, while introducing a friend to the class. They’ll have to spell their partner’s name. We’ll also be starting our main play – Le Chat et la Lune!

Grade 5/6: Presenting a friend to the group will wrap up this week, as well as starting our main story – Comment y aller – about an adventurous trip to Paris!

Grade 6: Presenting our friends to the group will happen this week, as well as starting the story of a very cool rock and roll frog!

Grade 6/7: Wrapping up introductions this week, as well as moving into some work on question activities, and doing some ” all about me” activities. Starting to think about what situations we’d like to learn about in French this year.

Grade 7/8 and 8: Most groups have presented  – ask your child how they did, and what the feedback was – we’re really working on checking the success criteria to see what we need to do. Finishing up question posters, and moving into some all about me work this week.

Najarro routines

Lush routines

Shaw routines


Documents for download:

intro letter 2014

band letter 2014

Band news: Band practices are Wednesday morning. Students may sign out instruments any day, but they must be at school for band practice Wednesday.

Important dates:

September 29:Intermediate soccer tournament, Beavermead

September 29 – October 15: QSP magazine fundraiser. More details to come

October 13: Thanksgiving Monday

October 14: Picture day

October 22: Hep B and meningitis vaccinations (Grade 7)


Trivia  Questions

1. Quel volcan a érupté en Japon?

2. Qui a gagné le prix Polaris?

Website:  Looking for a way to review French vocab (for you or your kids?), or other subjects?  Quizlet is a fun one to try – you can work from topics people have already created, or build  your own decks, and there are lots of ways to review. More game-based review tools will be coming through the year.

If you’re anything like me, there’s at least one memorized poem floating around your head. The Guardian has a way for you to share it – I’ll be doing Jabberwocky, how about you? what poem do you know by heart?

Books: Do you read Deborah Crombie? Character-driven mysteries set in London (and London is very much a character in the books) about a couple who both work in the police system. The newest one came out Tuesday, and I’ve already devoured it (thanks to the library’s e-book system). Worth checking out if you haven’t.

Music: The Polaris prize, Canada’s top award for independent musicians was  given out this week. The shortlist is totally worth checking out (I was rooting for Shad), as is the winner, Tanya Tagaq Maclean’s article on Tanya Tagaq’s win  (if you watch the video of the show, she starts around the  3:20 mark.)

Please share in the comments – what are you clicking on, reading and listening to? Let’s build a sharing space here.






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