Les nouvelles – le 26 mai au 30 mai, 2014

one of the places I hope to be this summer. Where are your dreams taking you? photo credit: flickr user sachin kamdar via cc

one of the places I hope to be this summer. Where are your dreams taking you? photo credit: flickr user sachin kamdar via cc

I can be reached at lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. I’m @nobleknits2 on Twitter, and our class hashtag is #laclasseaqm.
Our big word in terms of learning this year at QM is WHY?  (POURQUOI?) Be sure to ask your kids why they’re learning what they’re learning (and, if you like, share the conversations in the comments)

 SPRING FLING HAS MOVED TO MAY 27! Concert starts at 6:30 pm.

Class Updates:

Grade 7/8: lots of passé composé work here; our eventual goal will be creating a learning tool that other students can use to learn the topic. Ask your child about what resources they’re finding that suit their learning style.

Grade 6/7: EQAO this week, which has French on hold for the 6’s.

Grade 5/6:some disruption from EQAO here, continuing to work on comprehension strategies as a main activity.

Grade 4:  We are working on comprehension activities based on the main story. We will be dancing on stage for Spring Fling, May 27. Students need to arrive by 6:15, for the evening performance.

Gesture vocab with english 

In all classes, 10 minutes or so each day of reviewing new vocabulary at home (or review vocabulary right now) is very helpful. Let your kids teach you what they’re learning!

Instrumental music update: Every day (except Tuesdays) are open sign-out days – that means that anyone can take their instrument out after school. No class has first priority. Please encourage your child to bring their instrument home, as practice is one of the only ways to keep improving.

Permission forms have gone home for Wonderland trip for band – Cost is $60 ($31 if you have a season’s pass). We are looking for parent volunteers. Forms must be returned by Friday, May 30.

Documents for download:

intro letter and e-mail request

instrument sign-out letter

self-assessment wheels (ask your Grade 6-8 student about them)  A2 Handout – FR a1-handout-fr

Important dates:

May 26-30: EQAO, Grade 3 and 6.

May 27: Spring Fling, 6:30

June 11: band trip to Wonderland/KPREAA track meet

June 19: 7/8 Trip to Toronto

June 24: QM Grad – clap out 11:30; grad 6:30.

Trivia Questions:

1. Qui était (was) Knowlton Nash?

2. Qu’est-ce que les enseignants font en Colombie-Brittanique (B.C.) ?

Web: Star Wars fans at your house? You probably want to point them in this direction. I mean, really, who doesn’t want to be in a Star Wars movie?

Book: I freely admit I’m a sucker for a good historical romance, and the books Susanna Kearsley writes are among my favourites. I reread The Rose Garden, after finding it at the library book sale a few weeks ago, and now am ripping through Every Secret Thing, which is much more in the thriller Vein, but still has the terrific detailed history that makes Kearsley’s writing. Also looking for anybody with Steampunk suggestions that a 13 year old boy might enjoy.

Music: The Queen Mary community gathered at the Red Dog Saturday night for some great music from our community. I was amazed by the talent, and particularly by the StavelEy project. Jill sounds (to me, at least) much like Natalie Merchant of 10,000 Maniacs, but the band has a really crunchy sound.

The StavelEy project





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