Les nouvelles – 25-29 novembre, 2013

I kind of couldn’t resist… and it does connect, indirectly to the first trivia question. No spoilers, for everybody who’s going to see “Doctor Who” at the movies on Monday night.

I can be reached by e-mail at lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. I tweet at @nobleknits2, and the class hashtag is #laclasseaqm.

Our big word in terms of learning this year at QM is WHY?  (POURQUOI?) Be sure to ask your kids why they’re learning what they’re learning (and, if you like, share the conversations in the comments)

Class Updates:

Grade 7/8: Mr Lush’s class will be doing their Mystery Skype on Tuesday. In both classes, we’re working on questions you might ask while meeting someone in a social situation. You could practice with your child. 🙂 We’re continuing to work on comprehension strategies.

Grade 6/7:  Big excitement in this class about our Mystery Skype on Tuesday. Be sure to ask about it – they’re really kind of pumped. Great chance to use our real-world vocabulary with geography skills. Where will our partners be?

Grade 5/6:  We did an amazing read-through of the story last week. There are some very talented readers in this group.  Some students are working really hard to ask questions when they need to, and that’s a terrific skill to encourage.

Grade 4:   We continue to add lots of vocabulary ( I hope you’re hearing lots of it at home). We added 3 big “a” words this week (alors – so, autre – other, and aussi – also). Alors is a great one as we move into conversation and writing, because it makes such a super transition word. Can you imagine what you’ve have been able to say if you had vocabulary like this in Grade 4? This group really enjoys playing with their new knowledge. I forgot my iPad at home the other day (we use it in class), and one of the students said “Où est le iPad?” (and even used the French pronunciation for the device). It was amazing!

Gesture vocab with english 2

In all classes, 10 minutes or so each day of reviewing new vocabulary at home (or review vocabulary right now) is very helpful. Let your kids teach you what they’re learning!

Instrumental music update:  Grade 6/7`s have a playing test this week on Hot Cross Buns. Band is Wednesday morning. We’re heavy into Christmas music for the concert on DECEMBER 17 (please put it on your calendar). Hockey players, dancers, etc., please let your coaches know that you have a band concert that evening (lots of notice is a good thing!)

Documents for download:

intro letter and e-mail request

instrument sign-out letter

self-assessment wheels (ask your Grade 6-8 student about them)  A2 Handout – FR a1-handout-fr

Important dates:

November 25: Food drive begins.

November 27: Grade 8 information night at TASSS for Peterborough Integrated Arts. We had a presentation this week, and there is information available on-line, but being there in person means you can ask your questions about transportation, credits, etc.

November 29: P.A. Day – no classes.

December 13: in-school yard sale (start putting your stuff together) – funds raised go to Philippines typhoon relief.

December 17: turkey lunch/holiday concert (concert in afternoon and evening)

Trivia Questions:

1. Qui est le nouveau Docteur?

2. Qui a gagné la Coupe Vanier?

Other stuff:

Web: The biggest thing this week was definitely the Dr. Who game that took over the Google Doodle. The kids (and let’s face it, some of us) spent way too much time on it on Friday. 🙂 And due to the wonders of Google, here it is for you to waste a little time with. Dr Who doodle

Book: I’m reading Michael Moss’ “salt, sugar, fat”, on the way big food companies have used food science and the 3 items mentioned in the title to create our cravings for their products. Fascinating read, but it makes you want to cook absolutely everything you can from scratch (which may not be a bad thing).

Music: A song to go with tonight’s big game.  This is kind of gorgeous, and reflective. Thanks to Amanda Putz of CBC’s Bandwidth for the point.



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