Les nouvelles – 11-15 novembre, 2013

I can be reached by e-mail at lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. I tweet at @nobleknits2, and the class hashtag is #laclasseaqm.

Our big word in terms of learning this year at QM is WHY?  (POURQUOI?) Be sure to ask your kids why they’re learning what they’re learning (and, if you like, share the conversations in the comments)

Class Updates:

Grade 7/8: we’re having some interesting experiences with using real-world vocabulary (giving and following directions, using a map of Montreal for example). We are also taking a close look at the CEFR framework, and how students would self-evaluate themselves with it (you’re going to be hearing/seeing lots more about this). Grade 7’s also celebrated their New France feast this week – be sure to ask how it went!

Grade 6/7:  Grade 7’s were part of the New France feast this week. We’ll be working this week on simple questions that you might use when meeting someone in a social context (again – real world vocabulary and situations).

Grade 5/6: We worked a bit this past week on describing the characters in our main story. We’ll continue with that, as well as becoming more familiar with story vocabulary. Students in this class could spend time with the big vocabulary list posted on this page. They should know most of it (and lots of them do) , but it’s a quick, easy way to review.

Grade 4:   We’ve been working hard on our weather vocabulary, so be sure to ask about that. Students continue to build their vocabulary. In terms of the list, we’ve just added donne/prend, and garde/laisse to our vocabulary.

Gesture vocab with english 2

In all classes, 10 minutes or so each day of reviewing new vocabulary at home (or review vocabulary right now) is very helpful. Let your kids teach you what they’re learning!

Instrumental music update:  Band practice is Wednesday. Doors will open at 8 am, and students should be in chairs, ready to play by 8:10 – get ready for Christmas carols! Watch for a hand-out soon about communication for band. Signout continues to go VERY well – we’ll switch to open sign-out this week – one class will have first choice, but anyone can come take an instrument, if there’s one available. The two 7/8 classes are in the middle of testing on piece #17 – Au Clair de la Lune, and 6/7’s will be working on #16 Hot Cross buns for a playing test.

Documents for download:

intro letter and e-mail request

instrument sign-out letter

Important dates:

November 11: Remembrance Day. Dufrane, Lush and Shaw classes to walk to cenotaph – please dress appropriately.

November 14: World Diabetes Day – wear blue to support our students and families living with diabetes.

November 29: P.A. Day – no classes.

Trivia Questions:

1. Comment s’appelle le grand typhon qui a frappé les Philippines?

2. Qui a gagné le Yates Cup samedi?

Other stuff:

Web: Has everybody been checking out Zinio, and reading magazines like mad? I’ll be scooting off to download the newest issue of Interweave Knits after I finish the blog today. This week’s fun tool to explore is for the music lovers. It’s Rdio, and it’s the first music streaming service I’ve really dived into (on the recommendation of a friend). There’s a 14-day free trial with full features, and  up to 6 months free with limited features. The pricing/month isn’t bad either – especially if you’re someone who buys digital music regularly. If you’re using another service, please share in the comments. I’m loving the “stations” feature, where you start with music you know you love, and it finds other, similar music for you to discover. rdio home page

Book: I’m having trouble getting things done, as the newest Elizabeth George keeps stealing my attention. Just One Evil Act The book clubbers have been raving about another John Green novel, “Looking for Alaska” Looking for Alaska, and we have been having really great critical thinking conversations about “Mockingjay”,Mockingjay the 3rd in the Hunger Games series – we have really divergent opinions about it, but we’re backing it up with really great arguments. Do we like/not like it because it’s well/poorly written or because we like/don’t like the scenario she’s writing about, etc. We meet at 2nd break on Day 2, and everybody’s welcome to share a book they’re reading.

Music: This is at least partly for Elise, who was trying to figure out how she’d translate the chorus of this into French. “Royals” is a huge hit, and I have the original, plus two very different takes on it – one very straightforward satirical by the crew from 22 minutes, and one really cool creative variation from a pair of musicians who do remixes by re-creating the music, not just sampling. So…here you go, a Royals extravaganza.



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