Les nouvelles – 30 septembre – 4 octobre


I can be reached by e-mail at lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. I tweet at @nobleknits2, and the class hashtag is #laclasseaqm.

Our big word in terms of learning this year at QM is WHY?  (POURQUOI?) Be sure to ask your kids why they’re learning what they’re learning.

Class Updates:

Grade 7/8:  Mr Lush’s class’ Pinterest pages are here. Students wrote a paragraph to describe why they made their choices. Both classes have had their first (hilarious) look at the plays, and are continuing to work on using the vocabulary we have to communicate our ideas (ask about cube stories and word work-arounds)

Grade 6/7: Mr Dufrane’s class: Continuing to review basic vocabulary – be sure to ask about what words we’ve been practising (and I’ll be posting a list shortly); we’re about to do our first run-through of the (very silly) play “Salut mon ami”. Continuing to improvise with the language we have.

Grade 5/6: We’re doing a combination of reviewing vocabulary, and adding new words (ask about “sec” and mouillée). On Monday, we did a review of 100 words, and the Grade 5’s are pushing the 6’s to step up their game!

Grade 4: We’ve learned the structure for the date, and are continuing to work on alphabet, #’s 1-31, and are adding more new words every day.

In all classes, 10 minutes or so each day of reviewing new vocabulary at home (or review vocabulary right now) is very helpful. Let your kids teach you what they’re learning!

Instrumental music update: All students who have returned their forms (see below, if you need one) will be able to sign out their instruments this week. Ms Shaw`s class will be able to have theirs for the weekend. It is incredibly important that instruments that go home during the week are returned in the morning, because another student will need the instrument.

Documents for download:

intro letter and e-mail request

instrument sign-out letter

Important dates:

October 8: Cross-Country meet

October 10: Monaghan Cup soccer event

October 11: P.A. Day

Trivia Questions:

1. Qui est le nouveau président d’Iran?

2. Quel est le sport le plus populaire au Canada pour les adultes? Pour les enfants?

Other stuff:

Web: Thought this was great fun – thanks to Mashable for the point to this video from TFO (French version of TVO). A choir makes a virtual piano, and the public gets in on the act.


Book:  Almost done Linwood Barclay’s newest, “A Tap on the Window”. It’s an okay thriller, and as ever, there are  a couple of neat twists, but it’s nowhere near as good as his last one, “Trust your Eyes”, which had me on the edge of my seat all the way through. Looking forward to how he puts all the pieces together, though, as he’s the master of tying it all up. author website

Music: Frank Hamilton’s my new discovery this week. Nothing to change the world, but a melodic way to spend a couple minutes.


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