Welcome back – and a few changes!

We’re just finishing up our first week of classes, and that makes it about time to introduce (re-introduce for many of you) me, and the way I teach French at Queen Mary.

I’m Madame Noble, and this is my 7th year at QM, and 21st year teaching Core French, and my 4th teaching instrumental music (for intermediate students).

The approach I use in teaching French is AIM (accelerative integrated method), which uses a combination of music, drama and movement to help kids learn to communicate in their second language. We do learn grammar, but it’s integrated into the learning, rather than a “drill and kill” approach with memorization and worksheets (though we’ll do some of those, too). If you want to know more about AIM, you can find information here

Each week, I will update the blog, adding information on what the different classes are doing, highlighting upcoming events and suggesting websites, books and music that me and my family are enjoying. I’m hoping it will open up a new channel of communication, and help us build a learning community. You can always find the link to the blog at my board web page

If you share your e-mail address with me, I will send you the link to the updated blog each week. E-mail is the best way to contact me: lisa_noble@kprdsb.ca. It is a challenge for me to check voicemail during the day, and I check e-mail several times each day.

I tweet at @nobleknits2, our class hashtag is #laclasseaqm and I curate much of what I’m reading and learning at my rebelmouse page.


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